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Have you decided to represent yourself in your family law case?

You don’t have to do it alone!!!


Do you need to respond to a family law action filed against you?

  • Already filed Dissolution of Marriage and Paternity Cases:

Assisting you with the forms in responding to already filed Dissolution and Paternity cases (includes completing an Answer, Counterpetition, Financial Affidavit, assisting in preparing mandatory discovery, completing Notice of Social Security Numbers, UCCJEA Affidavit and other forms).

Assisting in completing Marital Settlement Agreements/Parenting Plan and Child Support Agreements.

Do you need to file a family law action? Contested or uncontested?

  • Where nothing has been filed yet:

Where one party wishes to initiate a Dissolution of Marriage or Paternity Action. Assisting you in completing forms to get your case started—including a summons.

Assisting in completing Marital Settlement Agreements/Parenting Plan and Child Support Agreements.

Assisting in completing all forms for both parties - including Marital Settlement Agreement or Parenting Plan/Support Agreement.

  • Uncontested Step-parent Adoptions
  • Name change

Supplemental (after Final Judgment) services:

  • Notice of Intent to Relocate with Children.
  • Assist you in completing the legal forms for modifying the final judgment of dissolution or paternity.
  • Assist you in completing the legal forms to modify child support.
  • Contempt/Enforcement: Assist you in completing Motion for Civil Contempt/Enforcement and related forms.

Fees may be reduced for standard uncontested packages where absolutely nothing is in issue.


Fees to us do not include 3rd party fees, such as filing fees and mediation fees.

Assistance is limited to assisting you in completing forms, explaining to you where and how to file and serve documents, and where to complete a parenting course, if required. Additionally, filing fees, service fees and mediation fees will be explained. Copying services may also be included.

Only an attorney can give you legal advice, and as such, legal advice will not be given. The discounted services offered should not be considered the equivalent to or substitution for the hiring of an attorney.

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